Neddy Mulimo


For 36 years, Neddy Mulimo has dedicated his life to conservation. His passion and drive are the reason he was selected to run an elite and highly targeted Specialist Anti-Poaching Unit in 2008. Day and night, he dedicates his time and energy to unearthing information about illegal poaching activities and guiding the five units he supports to help them meet their fullest potential.

As a mentor and instructor, he is an inspiration to many young rangers with whom he works. He assists all his units with a quiet determination, and actively lobbies on their behalf to improve working conditions. Neddy has been instrumental in forming policies on ranger welfare, ensuring that all rangers in his units have some of the best support in Zambia.

First and foremost, I believe I should protect other people and the wildlife around me. I accept the challenges presented to me. I know I should always find an answer to the problem. If these animals are not taken care of and left to these selfish men who shoot them for money, for sure, in generations to come we’ll have no animals.”

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