Code Intelligence Error Handling

Code Intelligence gives you the power of an IDE when reviewing or browsing code on GitHub.

Language Support

Currently, this feature is available for PHP and Python. Let us know if you would like to see this for other languages, too.


The commonly encountered errors when setting up Code Intelligence are:

Unable to Login with Browser Extension

If you cannot login into the browser extension when browsing or, but you are logged in on, then you likely have restricted or disabled third-party cookies in your browser.

When the extension, sends API requests to retrieve data from, it uses your regular login cookies to authenticate. You can verify that this working correctly by checking the Cookie header in the XHR request with your browser's developer tools.

'Code Intelligence Not Enabled' Error

Once the billing plan is in place for the organization of your choice, navigate to the members page and enable this feature for the members of your organization.


'Code Intelligence Data Not Found' Error

To have Code Intelligence data available, make sure you have added PHP Scrutinizer for PHP projects and Python Scrutinizer for Python projects to your configuration.

'File not supported or file was excluded from inspection' Error

Currently Code Intelligence Feature is available for PHP and Python. Files with extensions other than these or files that might have been excluded from analaysis would have no Code Intelligence Data available.

        - tests/*

Learn more about excluding files from the analysis.