Deploying to Heroku

To deploy to Heroku, simply add your Heroku user account and API token to your configuartion:

      api_key: 'YOUR API KEY'
      email: 'YOUR EMAIL'
Tip: For security reasons, it is preferable to keep this configuration on the website instead of adding it to the .scrutinizer.yml file in your Git repository.

We will automatically install the Heroku toolbelt and make sure your credentials are set-up properly. You can then deploy to Heroku using the same commands you would use locally.

Here is a sample configuration to deploy your application. To deploy, you must first register the heroku remote with the repository by running heroku git:remote. Then you can push the repository to deploy your application to Heroku:

        - branch: master         # you can use either the full branch name,
        - branch: /feature_.*/   # or a regular rexpression
        - node: tests

        - heroku git:remote -a HEROKU_APP_NAME
        - git push heroku master