Access Credentials in the Build Environment

We automatically populate build environments with different access credentials like SSH keys, or GitHub access tokens to allow for all dependencies to be retrieved.

Repository Credentials

For private repositories, we automatically generate a SSH key. This SSH key is always added to all builds for this repository, and is used to retrieve its code from your Git hosting service. Besides, you can also define custom SSH keys per repository in your repository settings under SSH Keys:


User Credentials

Apart from repository credentials, we also add credentials that are based on the user that triggers an inspection. This grants your build environment the same access permissions that you have locally. Besides it also adds an additional level of security as everybody only can access his/her own credentials.

Third-Party Tokens

Some dependency managers like PHP's composer make use of the GitHub API, and require a GitHub access token.

We automatically add the access tokens of your linked user accounts to the build environment that are triggered by you. You can retrieve them via the following environment variables:


For some tools like composer, we automatically add the access token to its configuration.

User SSH Key

The user SSH key is unique to your user account, and grants build environments the same permissions that you have locally. This is particularly useful for retrieving private dependencies. Just make sure to add the user SSH key to your personal account on GitHub, and Bitbucket: