Code Intelligence


Read and review code with the power of an IDE without ever leaving your favorite platform.

Better Code Reviews

Review pull-requests like in your IDE. Easily jump to called methods, see return types, analyze variable flow and more. All without leaving your favorite platform, and always ready to add a review comment when needed.

    More thorough reviews in less time

It just takes a single click to go inside a method and validate an assumption, no complicated file jumping needed.

    No local checkout needed

Start your review right away on your favorite code hosting platform - no local checkout or application switching needed.

Faster Reviews

Seamless Code Browsing

Seamlessly browse code on your favorite platform. Jump into extended classes, called methods or functions - all just with a single click. And it works across projects, too.

   Intelligence at your fingertips

Have Scrutinizer's internal analysis intelligence like type or variable information right at your fingertips as you read the code.

    Code navigation across projects

Whether you have a monolithic project or microservices, whether you commit dependencies or not - code navigation just works.

Platform Code Browsing on Scrutinizer

Intelligent Variable Highlighting

Track data flow through a method or function by just clicking or selecting a variable. See where it is defined or where it is used.

    See where an assignment is used

See all of the places an assignment is used and if it is overridden along the way.

    See where a variable is defined

See all of the assignment that define a variable and other places where that assignment is used.

Intelligent Variable Highlighting

Platform and Language Support

Those platform are currently supported or we plan to support.


Let us know what you would like to see next, so we can prioritize.