Automated Code Reviews for Javascript

You can analyze your Javascript code with Scrutinizer. It has Some built-in checks for Javascript code and also allows you to run certain open-source tools to execute your own checks in case you have some already. In this way you can get the most out of the analysis.

Automated Checks

We automatically enable the checks that we believe are most useful for your project by default. If you would like to fine-tune these checks, you can use the config editor, and also filter false-positives using the web-interface.

If you would like to start over, the most minimal configuration looks like this:

    javascript: true

                    - js-scrutinizer-run

js-scrutinizer-run will run Javascript Scrutinizer, Scrutinizer's Javascript analysis engine that provides static code analysis, code metrics and duplicate code detection.

Analyzed Files

By default, Scrutinizer will analyze all files ending with .js in your project. If you have generated code, or dependencies embedded in your project, or would like to exclude your tests from the analysis, this can be achieved easily:

        - tests/*

Learn more about excluding files from the analysis.

Running Open-Source Tools

If you have your own checks and are using other analysis tools, Scrutinizer supports adding them to the configuration and using their results as a part of the analysis. To read about tools available for Javascript language and configure them, visit the links below: