Setting up your GitLab Instance with Scrutinizer

Scrutinizer can integrate with your GitLab instance to provide you automatic inspections when you push code or make merge requests similar to our integration with hosting services like GitHub, or Bitbucket.

To set-up your GitLab instance, first obtain your application credentials by creating an application on GitLab. Ensure that you use our Redirect/callback URI

GitLab Instance SetUp

Your Application ID and Secret details would be needed to link your GitLab instance to your Scrutinizer account. Please keep them confidential.

GitLab API Credentials

From your Scrutinizer account, link your Gitlab instance to your desired organisation. Complete the signup with your Gitlab instance url, Application ID and secret details.

Scrutinizer Gitlab Instance Setup

Here comes the easy part.Conclude the setup up by adding your Gitlab repository under your chosen organisation. Relax, sit back and congratulate yourself for a job well done! :)

Scrutinizer Add Gitlab Repository