April 10 Paul Ezaga jzagalo

Viewing Analysis Data on GitHub and Bitbucket

Support of our Chrome Extension has been extended to now also include the Bitbucket platform. In addition, we now provide a new Firefox extension also with support for GitHub and Bitbucket.

GitHub Bitbucket
Chrome new
Firefox new new

The increased platform and browser support will greatly help users to review their code directly on their favorite platform. The new release also comes with major architectural improvements and some newly added features. Changes have been made to the UI and the general user experience has been improved.

Data displayed on all source code pages

Code Intelligence and Code Coverage are now available for all pages that show source code on both GitHub and Bitbucket. This was only available for diffs initially.


Toggle states are remembered during browser session

The extension will now remember the toggling state of issues, code coverage and code intelligence. This significantly improves the user experience as you navigate through files within a project or between projects.

More stability and faster extension loading

The browser extension is now more robust, with faster loading time delivering a better user experience to our users. In particular, we improved handling of asynchronously loaded pages.

You can read more in the extension documentation and as always happy scrutinizing!


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